Lord Johala

A human Lord of Eirthen


A hard working man who hates the mistreatment of the working class. He has pronounced scars from his years as a lumberjack. He believes in law and order along side with the people working less for themselves and more for the greater good of the society. He has had many dreams about the fall of capitalism, but he has had this dream for over 30 years. He will do what he can for Eirthen and to reach his goal once again for the rise of the communist society.


When Johala was a kid Child Labor Laws were never thought of, that being said Johala was forced to work as a lumber jack to make his family some money. This caused Johala to never get any form of education outside of cutting trees. As Jahala grew up, he understood more and more why is his and the other hard working families lives were so terrible, it was the nobles who did nothing but spend the working class hard earned money. Once Johala became of age he started a communism revolution. Which put him in command of Eirthen, making it the big city it is today, but after ten years of hard work the people hated the fact that some families got payed the same for doing less. So the people threaten to take over the city if they don’t switch to a free market. Causing the town to be at where it is today.

Lord Johala

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