Orisk Frothybeard

A dwarf innkeeper who is always looking for a good time.


A red haired dwarf who loves nothing else than to have a couple of drinks with some good friends. he owns “The Drunken Dwarf Inn and Tavern” where most of him time and efforts go into. Thought he is a dwarf he is pretty easy going it takes time for him to make friends with someone, but once he is your friend he will stand by your side till the very end.


As a young lad he like all other male dwarf children when to school (a new concept to non-wizards only found in stonehold, for children to be educated in all subject then choose what they will major in). Once Orisk reached adulthood he went to work for his uncle at “The Drunken Dwarf Inn and Tavern”. Then one day Orisks uncle was hired to bring some fine ale and mead to a royal Dragonborn feast, then on his way back Thorin was killed by a goblin raiding party, leaving the Inn to Orisk.

Orisk Frothybeard

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